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Excellent fishing at West Pitt Farm

Saturday 7th May 2011

Paul Warren from Wellington has reported his recent catches on Mallard Lake : "Sunday - 125lbs - 80 fish - of which 5 were crucian best 2lb 3oz - best carp 4lb 13oz - I used 14 elastic - size 16 hook.  Monday - 103lbs - 49 fish - 1 crucian 1lb 8oz - best carp 6lb 10oz - I used 18 elastic - size 12 hook.  I think this proves on the pole you catch more with lighter elastic and smaller hooks at this time of the year."


David Bell visiting West Pitt Farm Fishery for the first time last week: "Just a quick note to say thanks.  We have been at your ponds twice this week and were very impresed.  Having fished all over the southwest we have never found a cleaner or well presented fishery.  We have told all our fishing friends and will be back next Wednesday to have another go.  Thank you once again."  David Bell


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